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Our Las Vegas Veterinarian Offers Pet Microchipping

Even for the most cautious and responsible of pet owners in Las Vegas, pets can be sneaky creature —and if they want to escape, they tend to find a way. Whether it's a dog hopping a fence or an indoor cat slipping out through the front door while its owner goes to check the mail, thousands of pets go missing on a daily basis. Fortunately, through microchip technology, many of them can be found and returned to their rightful owners.vet and happy dog

More About Microchipping

A microchip is a small computer chip that's encoded with specific information about a pet, such as its owner's name and contact information. The chip itself is embedded within a pet's skin, relatively close to the surface. With a microchip reader, a pet's chip can be scanned in order to reveal the contact information of the owner. This way, when a pet escapes from home or otherwise becomes lost, the chances of the pet being returned to its owner are much higher than pets who only have a collar and tags—or even no ID at all.

Why Microchip Your Pet in Las Vegas

Even if your pet has tags on its collar, a microchip is highly recommended. After all, pets who escape under a fence or who run through thick areas of brush could very easily lose their collars and the ID tags along with them. With a microchip, you don't have to worry about the information becoming lost, and most vets and animal control workers know to check an animal for a chip these days.

How Our Veterinarian Microchips Your Pets

Microchipping is painless for pets, and it can be done in a matter of seconds (often before the pet even realizes what's happening). Specifically, microchipping is done in a manner similar to that of giving a vaccination. The microchip itself is injected into the skin, typically in between the shoulder blades. The chip itself is small enough so as not to cause your pet any discomfort.

What to Expect From Microchipping

Once your pet is microchipped, a vet will scan the chip using a special scanner. From there, your personal information (along with information about your pet) can be entered into the system. You will also be given the contact information for the microchip company so that if your move or your contact information otherwise changes, you can always update it.

Your Trusted Las Vegas Veterinarian

There's really no good reason as to why a pet shouldn't be microchipped by your Las Vegas veterinarian. Having your pet microchipped gives you added peace of mind as a pet owner and protects your pet in the process.

If your pet isn't yet microchipped and you're interested in having it done, our vets at St. Francis Animal Hospital are happy to perform microchipping in Las Vegas at a very reasonable price. Give us a call today at 702-675-8366 to set up your appointment and find out more about the many veterinary services we have to offer your pet as well.


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Dr. Drake and CarolAnn are amazing! They have been caring for my dogs for over 10 years now and I have never had one complaint. They are always so happy to see my dogs and provide them with the most compassionate care. I recommend them to any seeking an honest, caring, loving, empathizing and helpful veterinarian!

Bob H.
Las Vegas, NV

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