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Pet Surgery Las Vegas NV • Knees, Hips, Arthritis

Senior Pet Surgery and Animal Injuries Surgeon in Las Vegas

At St. Francis Animal Hospital, our skilled pet surgeon is experienced with a variety of surgical procedures for senior pets and injured pets. Whether your pet needs emergency surgery following a blunt force trauma injury or orthopedic surgery to address arthritis problems, then you have come to the right place.

Orthopedic Pet Surgery & Hip Surgery Options in Las Vegas

Dogs may suffer common orthopedic problems, including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patella luxation, and cruciate rupture. Hip dysplasia, for example, is a developmental condition that often affects young, rapidly growing dogs, including Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers. Symptoms of hip problems include weakness in the hindquarters, a bunny-hop gait, and difficulty rising. A hip dysplasia diagnosis may require a triple pelvic osteotomy or a total hip replacement. Treating hip dysplasia and other hip problems is complex and varies from pet to pet. Our pet surgeon has years of experience involving the option of hip surgery and will recommend the best course of action for your pet.

Orthopedic surgery and hip surgery can also help older pets suffering from arthritis or joint problems. Canine cruciate ligament rupture is the most common cause for hind lameness in dogs. While this rupture may affect any dog, it is most common in active breed. Without proper treatment, this rupture can lead to irreversible arthritis, which can be incredibly painful for dogs. Our veterinarian performs corrective orthopedic surgeries to repair this rupture and stabilize the surrounding joints.

We also offer pet surgery for blunt force trauma injuries. If a car has hit your cat or dog, serious internal damage may have occurred, including broken bones and soft tissue damage. For many pets, urgent surgery is a life-saving necessity. Following an accident, contact our animal hospital to learn more; no appointment is necessary for emergency care.

Prior to administering anesthesia, we will perform diagnostic blood work. These test results will help determine whether there are underlying health conditions that might complicate the safe administration of anesthesia. During the operation, we will carefully monitor your pet’s vital signs. Our state-of-the-art surgical facilities are equipped with the latest technology for your pet’s enhanced safety and comfort.

After an operation, our pet surgeon will discuss the post-operative recovery process with you and provide detailed recommendations for pain management. Depending on your pet’s surgery, a combination of pain relievers and antibiotics may be prescribed to relieve pain and reduce the risk for possible infection at the site of surgical incision. Following surgery, your pet will be inactive for several weeks. The more a pet moves around, the longer it will take for the bone and tissue to heal. Your pet may need several follow-up appointments to check the healing process. After hip surgery, rehabilitation exercises may also be necessary to help your pet safely regain a full range of movement.

Our pet surgeon Dr. Drake is proud to provide Las Vegas pet owners with quality surgical care. Contact us at 702-675-8366 to learn more about pet surgery today!


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Dr. Drake and CarolAnn are amazing! They have been caring for my dogs for over 10 years now and I have never had one complaint. They are always so happy to see my dogs and provide them with the most compassionate care. I recommend them to any seeking an honest, caring, loving, empathizing and helpful veterinarian!

Bob H.
Las Vegas, NV

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