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Welcome to St. Francis Animal Hospital Serving Las Vegas

If you are looking for the best possible veterinary care in Las Vegas, you have found it. Our St. Francis Animal Hospital veterinarian and professional support staff are passionate about providing caring, quality, and affordable care for every pet patient. The minute you walk in our door, you’ll feel the difference. Our clinic is bright, pleasant and our staff welcomes you with smiles and helpfulness. Ours is a true family-friendly place that takes the stress out of a visit to the vet for both you and your pet.

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Our Philosophy

Simply put, everything we do revolves around our love and great zeal for animals. We take a preventative approach in caring for our patients. It’s been proven that pets cared for preventatively are less likely to become ill and live longer, healthier lives. The wellness exams are the key to this approach. We specialize in small animal care which enables us to keep a keen focus on the latest small animal veterinary developments and techniques quickly and competently.

Wellness Exams

We believe that we are on a team with every pet owner to keep their pet healthy and that the secret to keeping them healthy starts with the wellness plan. Just like your yearly physical, the wellness plan ensures your pet’s well-being and identifies any brewing problems. This is especially important with pets because of their tendency to mask their pain or illness.

At these visits, our Las Vegas veterinarian conducts a thorough exam: eyes, ears, mouth and teeth, heart, lungs, palpates the stomach, gives the necessary vaccines, and talks with you about concerns. We also perform diagnostic tests, including a blood chemistry panel and fecal exam to see if there have been any changes from the previous year.


Vaccines are every pet’s lifeblood and protection from virulent and even deadly diseases such as rabies, distemper, and parvovirus. During the annual wellness exam, our veterinarian will check your pet’s health record to see which vaccines may be due and administer them accordingly.

Pet Dental

Another important factor in keeping pets healthy is proper dental care. During the annual exam, our vet will perform a visual oral inspection and based on this, schedule the in-depth dental exam and cleaning. Good dental care stops gingivitis and periodontal disease in their tracks as well as prevents other serious problems such as heart disease.

Our Other Services

In addition to these, we offer many other services in caring for small animals, including:

  • Pet surgeries ranging from spay/neuter to emergency surgeries

  • Geriatric care: our older pets have different health needs than their younger counterparts and we have the skill and expertise to care for them

  • Pet weight control

  • Reptile services

  • Microchipping


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When looking for the veterinarian in Las Vegas who can truly make a difference with your pet’s health, contact us at 702-675-8366 to make an appointment.


Experience the difference that our Las Vegas animal hospital can make for your pet! Call 702-675-8366 to schedule your pet's appointment.

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Dr. Drake and CarolAnn are amazing! They have been caring for my dogs for over 10 years now and I have never had one complaint. They are always so happy to see my dogs and provide them with the most compassionate care. I recommend them to any seeking an honest, caring, loving, empathizing and helpful veterinarian!

Bob H.
Las Vegas, NV

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